Who are we:

We are group of peers and a NGO located in Tirupati. We work close with many start ups in Tirupati as well as many other interested people. Tirupati is rich in education institutions and youth power more than any other city in Andhra Pradesh. But we are unable make a change due to a situation, where we are behind the opportunities of out dates technology. Technology and career opportunities has moved more farther than C Language and Java. There are many opportunities in upcoming fields like SEO, Web designing, graphics, Animation, Digital Marketing etc.

We want students as well as Techies in Tirupati to look at these opportunities and we wish to be an window for them bringing latest updates and opportunities in and around Tirupati. We have many tech start ups in Tirupati, which need an boost up and also a recognition, we focus on these start ups providing them necessary guidance.

What we do:

We work towards betterment of techies in Tirupati. We are looking forward to work to many startups and companies in Tirupati which will increase the job scope in the city. We will bring this jobs from companies to people. We are also looking forward to conduct events, workshops and seminars which enable techies to cope up with developing technology and which will hep to get apt jobs. We also look forward to bring the startups in Tirupati to light.

Join us today to get more latest updates on the Technology developments in Tirupati.