Texas University to set up tech accelerator in Tirupati


HYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh government, in collaboration with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) and IC2 Institute of The University of Texas, is going to launch a technology accelerator in Tirupati next month. While they expect the technology that would come in through the accelerator to address state-specific challenges like water management, waste management, cyber security and agricultural technology among others, the broader issue it is trying to solve is unemployment.
“This accelerator is trying to create more jobs by encouraging entrepreneurship, technology and innovation,” said Glenn Robinson, director of the accelerator, who will move to Tirupati from Austin, Texas, to head the program.

The accelerator program already has applications trickling in, from which 33 technology startups would be shortlisted to enter the four-month long session. These companies would be filtered down to eight, and then four, who would receive further mentorship to approach potential investors.

Robinson said they are also looking at possible synergies with incubators and accelerators across the country, including Telangana government backed incubator T-Hub in Hyderabad. “We are also looking at opportunities to bring technologies that don’t exist here – possibly from the States or from other countries, to create more jobs,” said Robinson.

The program will also have an annex office in Austin, Texas, for select startups to go there and explore opportunities in global markets.




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